HDCVI 6.0 Leading the Over-Coax AI Evolution

HDCVI 6.0 Leading the Over-Coax AI Evolution

HDCVI 6.0 Leading the Over-Coax AI Evolution

Throughout the year, Dahua continuously enhance its technology leadership in the HDCVI community through its state of the art performance in terms of resolution, intelligence and usability. This year, Dahua unveils HDCVI 6.0 with industry's first 4K real-time and AI capabilities. This brand-new technology provides a superior visual experience both in live view and playback through its 4K real-time solution and AI coding while maintaining the same HDD storage. The two-way talk achieves real-time communication between camera and recorder with a broadcast-quality audio. In addition, HDCVI with enhanced AI can identify humans and vehicles in a video, alerting users with accurate alarms and enabling a quick search with optional "human" or "vehicle" video type. HDCVI is bringing fresh ideas and new possibilities to the industry, and will always provide more economical, safer and more convenient solutions to customers.

Enhanced AI 

What is Enhanced AI ?

• Adopting independent AI chip with up to 4T computing power and advanced deep-learning algorithm, HDCVI enables precise recognition of human, motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle. • Enhanced AI supports face recognition, perimeter protection, metadata, SMD Plus etc. that can be used for potential risk prevention, real-time event alarm, and quick inquiry.HDCVI 6.0 Focus on Human & Vehicle

AI Coding  

•  AI takes the video compression to a new level of content-aware encoding which can avoid noise and can produce a more detailed image.

• Automatically encodes with a target perceptual quality through recognition of moving human or vehicle, significantly improving the streaming quality of the target.

• Saves 50% of the bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265 while maintaining the target image quality.

HDCVI 6.0 AI coding image Provides clearer details of the target for event retrieva

Benefits Compared with traditional video surveillance, HDCVI AI classifies human and vehicle in an image, making it easy for users to focus on real threats, enhancing target search eciency, and significantly reducing labor costs. In addition, Dahua provides a complete end-to-end AI solution with 4K UHD and full-color camera to ensure high accuracy and to provide high management eciency through unified DSS & DMSS.Precise identication of human face Provides valuable business applications such as VIP recognition, blacklist alarm, access control etc.

4K Real-time

• 4K real-time is a unique and leading technology in HD-Over-Coax market.

• It restores monitoring location with 30 fps for a better visual experience.

• Oderers superior clarity in collecting even tiny details within a large monitoring coverage.

• AI coding saves storage costs, allowing users to enjoy the advantages of upgrading to higher resolution while maintaining the current storage expense.4K Real-timeTwo-way Talk

• Two-way talk is a unique and leading technology in HD-Over-Coax market and a breakthrough innovation in Audio-Over-Coax technology.

• Aside from satisfying users' demand for auxiliary audio information, Two-way talk also enables bi-directional audio intercom that can be used to warn od intruders and to provide guidance when an accident occurs.

• Advanced audio noise reduction technology provides "broadcast level" audio quality, providing users with a multi-dimensional and high quality video surveillance solution.Two-way Talk

Two-way Talk 2