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ALARM SECURITY Products and Solutions

ALARM SECURITY Products and Solutions

The whole system can be installed in a few quick
steps. Two-way communication with a long
transmission range.
Alarm + Video
Detectors plus Wi-Fi camera to minimize the
probabilities of miss and false alarm effectively
Enjoy your home security system with easy paring
and friendly user interface
Wherever you are, you can control and monitor
your home security with your cell phone New stylish package, new experience
● Complete accessories, easy installation and operation
● Excellent cost performance Place wireless sensors
anywhere and batteries
last three years. No
phone line is needed,
when an alarm is
triggered it uses Wi-Fi
or cellular technology
to instantly tell us of any
break-ins in your home.
You control your
system, arming and
disarming it using
either a handy keychain
remotely, or using
smartphone APP.
Cutting-edge wireless
communication. No
installation fees. No
contracts and monthly
fees. Just intelligent
home security.

EOL resisters allow the control panel to supervise the eld
wiring for open or short circuit conditions.
Wide product portfolio includes motion detector, door/window
detector, keypad, siren, and module
Alarm + Video
Integration of surveillance cameras with alarm controller to
view your home/store from anywhere.
The PC alarm client can congure ,manage and monitor
dozens of controllers

• High performance controllers are embedded
 with Linux OS, high reliability
• Whole series can be used in various applications
• Alarm plus CCTV can minimize the probabilities
 of miss alarm and false alarm effectively

● Power & environment supervision
● Optional user-defined linkages and alerts against
 physical , environmental or human threats
● Video surveillance

Analyze environment, power
and surveillance all in one for
a complete eld surveillance
solution. Improve operation
eciency and raise security
awareness by setting
necessary surveillance
thresholds and alerts. Early
warning for issues related to
temperature, humidity, ood
detection, smoke detection,
power usage and more. This
scalable suite of sensors and
cameras is designed to
safeguard environments
ranging in network closets,
data centers, cellular base
station, green house,
warehouse, etc.

Today an era of fast residential construction expansion, it’s essential to keep homes highly protected by investing in the
right, reliable and convenient security system. The new Dahua’s Outdoor station “VTO9341D” is one of the modern ways
that we recommend, using one of the breakthrough technologies in the market (Face Recognition) and mixed with the
existing access practices, allows customers and users to save money on a budget while improving a security level. It’s the
least intrusive method that provides no delays and inconvenience to access home.

 Convenient and comfortable access, all it needs is your face
• Flexibility in any combination of identication (Face rec, ngerprint, Mifare Card and password)
• Fast face recognition with immediate response (less than 0.5 second)
• Easy to install and operate through a 10 inch HD screen.
• Talk to visitors through Video & Audio Call
• Remote door release using mobile APP

Residential: An intelligent solution for
residential security and communication.
Video talk with your visitors and enjoy the
convenient way for access by face

Oces Building: Video intercoms
provide a door entry security,
communication and monitoring for
employees and visitors

Schools/University: Identify visitors,
communicate between oces, unlock
doors and video surveillance

3rd party access controller connect our face recognition
device directly
Old access control system upgrade biometric verification
Our face device as a biometric-card reader. After face or
fingerprint recognition complete, the bonded user will
send card number to 3rd party system via wiegand out

Supplemental lighting with white light
Not only in daytime, but also in complete darkness, you can
get clear image without details lost

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